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Krissy discovered her passion for lampwork when her mother-n-law, Marion introduced her to hot glass in the Fall of 2003. Creating hand-made gifts for family & friends had always given her great joy. She explored many different types of mediums such as sewing, cross-stitch, painting and jewelry making. When Krissy saw lampwork for the very first time, she fell in love. She found bead making to be both challenging and exciting.
California native many of her works of art are influenced by the sand & sea. She relocated to Central New York in 2010 where she enjoys creating little works of art from her home studio located in historic Clinton, NY.

She uses many types of glass: Effetre, Moretti, Lauscha, Vetrafond, Czech and Bullseye. Each and every bead is immediately placed into a digitally controlled kiln for annealing, soaking, and gradual overnight cooling. This ensures that Krissy Beads are not only beautiful, they are also durable and will last a lifetime.
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