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Every Wednesday I giveaway FREE beads. All you need to do is vote for my site. You can vote on Bead Makers Top 100 or Lampwork Top 100 everyday. Each and every time you vote send me an email and I will put your name in a folder for a drawing of the beads pictured below. Please note: You can only vote once at each site within a 24 hour period, so be sure to remember what time you voted the day before. If you vote again before the 24 hour period is up, it doesn't register your vote. If you vote on both sites and it will give you 2 entries per day. A winner will be drawn at random from all emails I receive. Good luck and happy voting! :)
 Vote for my site here:
After you vote, please tell me what number I was. 
Thank you and good luck!
Email Me here if you voted
Bead Makers Top 100
Email me here if you voted
Lampwork Top 100
Email Me here if you voted

 The next drawing will be
Here's what you're playing for...

 The Winners List
Click on their name to see what they won!
May 8th - Bea R. from TX
May 29th - Lori W. from TX
June 12th - Joan T from Canada
June 19th - Sophia V. from ?

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