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Step by Step Tutorial


I've had a lot of requests for how I make my tab flowers.
First, I want to say thank you to Sabrina
She's the one who told me how to make them.
Thank you so much, Sabrina!

How to make a tab flower

I use Zozzii's tab press to make my flowers. I make them in the smallest size 13 by 13mm.
You can use what ever size you prefer.
 I have also made them in the lentil press. It's a little more difficult to use the lentil, because of it's rounded off sides.
I just happen to like the thickness of the tab.

Make a tab base bead and let it cool for a few seconds.

Heat one side at a time making the initial scores with your razor knife.
You can only make 1 score at a time before it cools.
Heat and score the bead 6 times to create the petals. 3 times each on the front and the back.

I rest the bead on Corina's Magic Marver when I make these scores.
You can rest it on your work surface or what ever works for you.
Just remember what ever side is down needs to be cool.
Otherwise when you score it, it will flatten the back.

Make sure your scores match up on both sides.

When scoring the sides, I rest the tip of the mandrel on the Magic Marver.

Heat and score each side, matching up your scores on the front and the back.
Here again, you can only do 1 score at a time before it cools.
Heat and score the bead 6 times. 3 times for each side.

If needed you can reheat and score the whole bead all over again, until you think it's done.

Add decoration and voila! A tab flower!

This is a very time consuming bead to make. And It takes some patience and practice.
The key to a great tab flower, is to let the base tab bead cool.
 If you don't, when you start to make your scores it will go all wonky.
And we all know, that's not a good thing :)

Have Fun and show me your tab flowers!

Here's an example of my tab flowers


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