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Watercolor Floral Lentil
In this example I used lavender glass and Monet frit from, but you can use any variety you choose. You will also need a marver, poker, pre-pulled yellow stringer, rose and violet cane.

Make a round bead slightly
smaller than the size lentil you
want to achieve.
Roll your bead in frit.
Melt it in.
Reheat and let the glass droop.
This spreads out the frit
for a watercolor effect.
Round it back up again.
Add 4 roses using your pre-pulled rose cane- 2 on each shoulder- melt them in.
Cool your bead just a little bit, until the roses appear lining up 2 roses to the front - then press.
Warm it up a little bit and it
should now look like this.
Add 5 dots of your pre-pulled violet cane to create the flower petals. Do this on both sides of the lentil.
Direct the flame into the center of dots to melt them in. This will draw the petals in to create the flower.Use your poker to make a hole in the center of the flower.
Add a dot of yellow for
the center of the flower and flatten it with your marver.
Reheat the bead slowly keeping it's lentil shape-melt in the flower and give it one final press.
Warm it back up again to take off the chill from pressing and you're done.
Special Note:
Make sure you keep the lentil warm between each step. Otherwise, it may cool to much and that will cause your bead to crack.
I hope you enjoy making them too. Have Fun and Be Creative! 
Kris :0)
Here's an example of my Watercolor Floral Lentils.

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